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Meet Our Groomers -The Heart of Powderhouse

A Powderhouse Original since 1986
A Quarter Century of Experience
built one paw at a time.
Since 1986 Sha has had the good fortune to meet and groom so many of our four legged friends at Powderhouse Pet Resort.

Sha built a wonderful trust and confidence level with most of our customers, putting the customers at ease in allowing her to make decisions on her own for styling of their pets. This has been a wonderful experience for Sha to be able to groom most of these pets from their puppy stage all the way to their adult lives.

Did someone say special event??? Sha loves the opportunity to be creative in her stylizing approach by giving your freshly groomed pet a special feel and look with that sparkling bow, a personalized bandana or maybe a small bell on their collar.

Sha’s specialty is coloring, which she has used to match pets to their family favorite sports team, special events, parties or upcoming holidays. It has proven to be a pleasure for Sha to groom and assist in making the family’s pet a part of that special family celebration.


The original owner Kandy has created a true family with the owners she’s met and pets she’s groomed throughout the years. Along with Sha, Leslie and Donna, Kandy has groomed some of our regulars from those cute puppy cuts through to the adult dogs that they are today, each with their own personalities. Since grooming on a part-time basis, Kandy has been able to stay in touch with all her friends, both furry and human.

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Pets are part of her family

...with Powderhouse Pet Resort since 1988
It’s a joy to see a happy pet

Donna has been employed with Powderhouse Pet Resort since 1988. Donna originally started working with Kandy as a groomer in the previous location before moving in to the present location on Powderhouse Road.

Over the years, Donna has held various positions, which have been a Stylist, a Trainer, and by special invitation she has assisted in the education of local students in the training and maintaining their pets in a social environment.

Donna has been married for over twenty years to a wonderful man who shares the same compassion for animals as she. She shares her home with a Standard Poodle, a Chinese Crested and an Affenpinscher, with the assistance of an eleven inch parrot.
Donna is originally from New York and enjoys dog sports, nature walks, reading and interior design.

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As the niece of Donna, one of Powderhouse’s original groomers, Vonnie has been around the Resort most of her life.

Vonnie finds this vocation gives her tremendous personal satisfaction. She truly enjoys the results of her labor. She said, “Seeing a freshly bathed and groomed dog – especially one that was in bad condition before the process is a joy to behold.” She says the dogs run around showing themselves off you can just tell they feel so much better!


Leslie Morris started out as one of Powderhouse’s very first customers, back in the day when it was called “The Doggery”. Here is a picture of her from 1974 with “Gidget”. Her passion in life was to always be surrounded by dogs.

Leslie has been working as a groomer in the area since 1999 after graduating from the SC School of Dog Grooming. She has been with with Powderhouse since 2004 on a part-time basis and recently began a full-time position here.
She lives in Aiken with her husband Lenwood and her two dogs: a Shihtzu, Baxter and a Maltese, Zsa